Why ArrowCloud

Worry-Free Backup

Backup your files, automatically

ArrowCloud Backup backs up your files automatically- so you never have to worry about losing data if something goes wrong. You can also change automatic backup settings as per your convenience or manually back up your files at any time. Support for Server, Desktop, Laptop and External drive.

Secure and Reliable

Military Grade Data Servers & Encryption

ArrowCloud Backup is designed with your privacy in mind. Your data is safe with 3 level military-grade encryption and stores on world-class, highly secure Amazon S3 Data centers. ArrowCloud Backup surpasses data compliance rules and regulations.


Double Protection

Double your backup protection and zero recovery time with Hybrid backup. The easiest way to save a local copy of your backup to your server, network or external drive automatically. Backup to the cloud + a local drive for ultimate protection.

Secure File Sharing

Increase productivity

Easily and Securely to share larger files instead of FTP , email attachment or upload to unknown sites. You can also enable password protection for shared files and folders, an expiration date for the download, and a delivery notification when accessed to ensure a safe delivery.

Deduplication &
Block Level Backup

Fast Backup , Save time and Storages

This innovative technology delivers faster cloud backup and savings in bandwidth and storage After the initial backup, only new and changed files will be backed up. Processes large files to only backup changed blocks instead of backing up the entire file every time it changes.

Centralized Management

Take Control

A Web based Console gives you complete control.
Manage multiple computer backups with customize policy, Add users, suspend, limit storage usage and more.

Backup and Restore AnyWhere

Efficient backup and recovery for remote branch offices and laptop user

Employees travel, work remotely and sometimes neglect to connect to the office server With ArrowCloud Backup service you can backup and restore from anywhere with an internet connection. You may restore a single file or folder from a web browser or software client.