"No matter what size your business is, data loss and business continuity are major concerns."

Businesses only realise the value of adequate data storage and backup when they suffer an unexpected failure or corruption with either an application, server or data file. Prevention is always far better than cure.

We love backup. Data backup is important for every businesses. We know it well and have spent many long years perfecting the right solution to meet the needs of all of the customers that we have had the privilege of serving.

We created the ArrowCloud Backup services to enables companies to backup their critical business data, across the internet in de-duplicated, block-level and encrypted format, to world-class Amazon S3 Data Center. Your backups are safe and stored over multiple facilities across the globe ensuring on-demand data availability.

Annex Digital was founded in 2001 with the vision of enabling businesses across the country to use technology to more effectively grow, manage and protect their business.